The red-haired girl has a vivid imagination.
Also to the old woman, who she frequently
sees wandering through the streets, she
ascribes a lot of oddities. This is why she gets
more and more scared of the water-woman,
how she always calls her.
But one day she explores that also the weird
waterwoman is an enthusiastic storyteller and
so the relation between the two changes its

character over the time, just like water does.

Where spinning thoughts and inventing stories
can provoke fears on one side, it can also open
new spaces and bring people together on

the other.

This is an excerpt of my children's picture book,

that I'm working on since 2020.

Longlist dPictus Unpublished Picturebook 
   Showcase 2022.
Finalist of the Illustrators Exhibition at
   Bologna Children's Book Fair 2021. 
Bolo Klub 2020/2021, under the mentory of

   Francesca Sanna.

23.01.22 – 13.03.2022, Villa Bernasconi,

Grand-Lancy, Switzerland.

Not published yet.



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